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About Live Everything Mindful

To serve as a bridge for those looking to build their own healthy community, mindful practices and life relearning, offered through events, insightful teachers and tools that invoke healing through the power of curiosity and connection. ​

To put it simply

We help people uncover their own possibilities through growth mindset events.

We are looking to gather people to learn, laugh and live in ways that open our minds to possibilities of whole-hearted living and curiosity through mindful practices. 

Live Everything Mindful events are intended to evoke a growth mindset instead of a fixed-mindset. We believe you have the answers you are seeking and we have the tools and space to invite you to go within.​

Meet the Founders of LEM

It may sound a little dramatic to say that I started living once I got a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, but there is a lot of truth in that statement for me. What appeared to be a diagnosis of an incurable disease, was actually an invitation to awaken to more of who I was on the inside.

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